LEAP – Energies

London-based indie rock outfit LEAP return today with one of the most powerful releases of the week. ‘Energies’ is an intensely electrifying track, with captivating lyricism delivered through impassioned vocals.

“‘Energies’ is my favourite track to date because it truly reflects a real side of me and the mental health battles I have faced in the past. It’s all about that mad rush of excitement when your mind bubbles up beyond the point of control. Being bi-polar, it’s such a weird blessing and a curse, because when your brain’s going at 100 miles per hour it’s exhilarating… but it can also be really dangerous. The song is about that contradiction and I just hope that anyone suffering from any kind of mental health issue can connect with it.”


New Music: LEAP

Following on from the success as frontman of The Mispers, London-based talent Jack Balfour Scott has created some kind of fantastic musical reincarnation as solo project ‘LEAP’.

As far as indie rock goes, this sound is bold, confident, rousing and immediately arresting. There’s nothing that I don’t love about the track; it’s new British rock at it’s absolute finest.

“‘Where the Silence Goes’ is a song I wrote about embracing your inner animal and allowing the darker, more lustful beast within to come out to play once in a while.” – Jack Balfour Scott (LEAP)