Liimo – Raincheck

The alt-pop Scottish trio return with another banger worthy of your listening time. Liimo seem to gain more momentum with each release, and it’s all warranted; their slick melodies and polished productions make them one British band to watch out for.

“‘Raincheck’ is about making more time for the person you really should be making time for. The daily traffic of life throws up so many obstacles that you end up losing out on moments for just the two of you. ‘Raincheck’ says, ‘F**k it, let’s stay in and get a takeaway.”


Liimo – Old School

“It’s about that classic, 90’s romcom kind of love. You know, how it used to be; not that love at first swipe kind of thing. And it’s getting colder, we wanted to bring out a track that made people get a little closer.”