Liv East – Love Frequency

Photo / Saskia Morley-Sage

If you’re in the mood for some soulful disco-pop this weekend, then London’s Liv East has got you covered.

Through its shimmering production (courtesy of collaborator Lokes LDN), ‘Love Frequency’ presents listeners with a mesmerising and heady sound that invokes feelings of pleasure and positivity. Elaborating further on the song’s inspiration, Liv explains:

“I wrote the lyrics to ‘Love Frequency’ at the end of 2020, after the whole world went through a monumental shift. I felt such a dark cloud hanging over me and knew I had to write something to shift myself out of that place and mentality. ‘Love Frequency’ is a call to becoming aware of the power of your thoughts, and that so much lies in how we choose to think. It’s a warm soulful house track, invoking good vibrations. It feels like an important moment to showcase to my listeners how my personal philosophy impacts the music I make.”

Liv East is currently an unstoppable force. Her last single, ‘So Badly’, went on to pick up support from outlets like BBC Radio and Rinse FM, as well as publications as noted as The Independent, Vogue France and Earmilk.

Liv East

Liv East – So Badly (Stripped)

Photo / Lill – Veronica SKOGLUND

Liv East is no stranger to these pages – and with good reason. This rising London-based starlet has proven herself to be one of the UK’s most promising soul artists.

East returns today with a stripped-back version of her latest single, ‘So Badly’. Proving the case that ‘less is more’, this dreamy new edit is beautifully sublime in essence.

“‘So Badly’ is a sensual song of longing and passion, so I really leaned into the intimacy of the track in creating the stripped version. I always love doing stripped versions as the lyrics are the most important part of the song for me, and so it allows the listener to completely focus on the words more so than the produced version. I wanted this track to be dreamy and raw, and to allow the listener to feel the track in a much deeper way.”

Since 2019, East has worked on music that has spanned genres as diverse as hip hop, neo-soul, disco and R&B.

Liv East

Liv East – So Badly

Photo / Lill – Veronica SKOGLUND 

One of East London’s biggest soul prospects to emerge this year will be Liv East.

Created alongside producer Lokes LDN, new single ‘So Badly’ seamlessly fuses genres as diverse as dance, alternative R&B, neo soul, jazz and pop into a unified sound that feels cohesive, finessed and vibrant.

“‘So Badly’ was born out of a time when I knew I had met someone of importance but the timing just wasn’t right. I had to remind myself of the mantra ‘nothing real can truly be threatened’ and step back with grace. I felt parallels with many other situations in my life. We had just come out of a pandemic where we were all forced to surrender to redirection and hold our hands up to the universe. No matter how badly we want something, it won’t always (or rarely ever) pan out the way we want it to. So Badly, for me, is about the art of surrender but still keeping faith.”

To date, East has achieved more than ten million catalogue streams and currently commands 135k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Liv East