Liv East – So Badly

Photo / Lill – Veronica SKOGLUND 

One of East London’s biggest soul prospects to emerge this year will be Liv East.

Created alongside producer Lokes LDN, new single ‘So Badly’ seamlessly fuses genres as diverse as dance, alternative R&B, neo soul, jazz and pop into a unified sound that feels cohesive, finessed and vibrant.

“‘So Badly’ was born out of a time when I knew I had met someone of importance but the timing just wasn’t right. I had to remind myself of the mantra ‘nothing real can truly be threatened’ and step back with grace. I felt parallels with many other situations in my life. We had just come out of a pandemic where we were all forced to surrender to redirection and hold our hands up to the universe. No matter how badly we want something, it won’t always (or rarely ever) pan out the way we want it to. So Badly, for me, is about the art of surrender but still keeping faith.”

To date, East has achieved more than ten million catalogue streams and currently commands 135k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Liv East

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