LONA – Darkest Days

Over the weekend, alt-pop talent LONA opened the main stage for none other than Liam Gallagher at the Isle of Wight Festival, and now returns with a gorgeously emotive new single called ‘Darkest Days’.

Laced with softly melancholic guitar riffs, LONA’s gravely rock-edged vocal performance punches through to reflect the rawness of the song’s deeply personal core message.

“’Darkest Days’ is a tale of two people struggling in a relationship. It’s about when the person you love is lost and they feel like there is no way out of the black vacuum inside their head. The song is about being able to battle through these times. It’s about knowing that life won’t always be like this even though you may see no way out. I personally know that the darkest days don’t last forever and that’s what this song is really about. I saw no way out – but there was and the people closest to me got me through my darkest times. I wrote this song for the people who may not have other people to get them through. You’ve got me.”


New Music: LONA

A spellbinding sound from rising alt-pop artist LONA. With a hauntingly dark production setting the scene for some deeply captivating lyrics, ‘Let’s Just Chill’ is a heartfelt and vulnerable song that has the power to connect with you on a very deep level.

“I wrote ‘Let’s Just Chill’ during a dark time where I found that I was being sucked into this void where I was being bombarded with highlights of how great everyone’s lives were online. You only really see snapshots of people doing well and it’s hard not to compare your own lives to these highlights. I even fall guilty of doing this sometimes. I find myself posting pictures of me having the best time when really on the inside I felt like shit in that moment. It’s a weird juxtaposition – like taking the perfect picture with a smashed iPhone screen. You can hide in plain sight and the world has gotten really good at it. ‘Let’s Just Chill’ is a reminder that sometimes it’s best to just turn my phone off, turn the volume of the world down and just take a breather.”