Louis Baker – Brighter Day

New Zealand modern soul talent Louis Baker’s ‘Brighter Day’ is one of those songs that immediately connects with you, all the while giving a heady dose of hope… Something we could all do with!

This is a warm and soulful track that pays tribute to the triumphs and adversities faced by Baker’s grandfather, who served in the 28th Māori Battalion.

“I wrote ‘Brighter Day’ for my grandfather who I never met. The song is inspired by a letter he wrote to his cousin during World War II, and of the many harrowing experiences he went through. During the war he was shot through the mouth at El Alamein, 1942. After returning home and having surgery on his face, he would spend time repeating the words ‘today is a beautiful day’ in front of the mirror, to train his mouth and muscles to speak again. He was incredibly determined and courageous. No matter what happened, he kept a positive mind-set and looked for brighter days ahead. This is my letter to him.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Love Levitates’ which is set for release on 18th June 2021.

Louis Baker