Watch: L’Rain – Blame Me

by Andy Swartz

Brooklyn-born and based experimentalist and multi-instrumentalist Taja Cheek (aka L’Rain) releases stunning visuals for new single ‘Blame Me’ today.

The song itself is a reflective piece that looks at guilt and loss, and the visuals accompany that theme with a surreal and esoteric essence.

“I am fascinated by clowns’ predilection for entropy and absurdity, and by their general role as the ultimate icon of emotional complexity (the tears of the clown…). There’s also something about “freaks” that make me feel at home: people who are deemed useless, dangerous, or too strange to understand. Who doesn’t feel misunderstood in this time of social media, social chaos, and social scarcity?”

Taken from the upcoming LP ‘Fatigue’ which is out on 25th June 2021.