Watch: Parrad – So Cold (feat. Nerlov & Degree)



Watch: Foreign Beggars – Young Kings & Queens (feat. Maverick Sabre & Mali Hayes)

“Kids growing up these days have years in hostile environments and felt a lot of struggle due to a decade of Austerity… With so many youth centres shutting down and violence on the rise wanted to make a song to reach out and shed some light and guidance.” 

Foreign Beggars

Watch: johan lenox – no one wants to dance anymore (feat. Yung Pinch)

“Sometimes it feels like no one wants to have fun lately. I don’t know if that’s because people are growing up and our lives naturally take us in different directions, or if it’s because we live in uniquely stressful times where everyone’s struggling to reach adulthood, taking multiple jobs or moving back into their parents’ basement. Maybe both. Yung Pinch can relate— he’s on tour so much that it’s easy to lose touch with longtime friends.  In general I think it’s just a lonely time to be coming of age in America right now.”

Johan Lenox