Watch: Dua Lipa – Hallucinate

Dua Lipa


Watch: Luke Wild – Easier to Lie

“I would wake up one day, and my car would be towed, or someone broke in my car, and stole my guitar the first week. Just life and classic LA shit, funny artist stories.”

Luke Wild

Watch: Fjer – First Place

A trans-atlantic effort went into the making of these visuals for Danish RnB starlet Fjer’s ‘First Place’.

“I decided to make this video with my friend James Tirado across the Atlantic, during the COVID-19 quarantine. I filmed in my apartment, he filmed in his. We edited it together. I wanted to show the modern day version of a conflict – karma sure is a bitch in this one haha.”


Watch: will hyde – easy for u.

“Shooting this video was really exciting for me. Im finding my feet as an artist again and with that Im learning what I like – to wear, to shoot, to put across. These visuals feel like they compliment the vulnerability of the song and also expand on the story. It was important to me to have something simple to follow so that humans watching it could take it in – sometimes complex storyline’s in music video’s confuse me.”

will hyde

Watch: Sam Tompkins – Kings

“‘Kings’ is a song about brotherhood. It’s about telling the men in your life that you love them, care for them and will always do so. I often think that men don’t fully understand the power that showing emotion has, so this record is hopefully something that sparks a chain reaction in boys and men of all ages…”

Sam Tompkins

Watch: Tora – Escape Room

“’Escape Room’ was written after admitting to myself that I had outgrown the relationship and there was nothing there for me anymore.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Cavalier’ which is out now.


Watch: Grace Davies – Just A Girl

“​When lockdown happened around the time we were due to shoot ‘Just A Girl’ we stepped into uncharted territory of remote shooting. With us all feeling confined and creatively frustrated JAG became a call to prayer for me, nurturing my talent to show the multifaceted nature of being a woman today.”

Grace Davies

Watch: Lola Young – Same Bed

“‘Same Bed’ is a song about waking up next to different people, to put it bluntly. It’s a lust song. But it’s also a self reflective song that looks at how I feel within myself and the different struggles I face when it comes to love and lust. It also shows how dismantled and strange my mind can be when it’s flicking between a hundred thoughts a second.”

Lola Young

Watch: Celeste – I Can See The Change

“The song was written from a very personal and introspective place, however it has taken on a new and more powerful meaning because of what has been happening with Covid-19 and the global reinvigoration of the Black Lives Matter movement. The video was shot at home in my living room, which was completely blacked out using thick, heavy fabric. It was the hottest day of the year so far, so it was a challenge. It was directed by Sophie Jones and shot remotely via Zoom with my housemate Holly Milk who took on the role of camera person, lighting operator and all round life saver.”


Watch: daysormay + Tessa Violet – Role Model

Label-mates Tessa Violet and Canadian newcomers daysormay team up to create one of the biggest indie pop bops of the year so far.

Taken from daysormay’s upcoming EP, due for a release later this year via T∆G Music. 

Tessa Violet | Daysormay

Watch: Lolo Zouaï – Beautiful Lies (Cold)

In an act of solidarity, Lolo will donate her merch sales for June 2020 to Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ Freedom Fund. She will also be donating annually each June to a Black Lives Matter cause for the rest of her career. 

In the week prior to this latest single, Lolo donated $5 from every pre-save to The Loveland Foundation, an initiative that offers free therapy sessions for black women.

Lolo Zouaï

Watch: The Streets – I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (feat. Donae’O, Greentea Peng)

“This is a summer club song. Knowing that Donae’o is the king of UK Funky music – match made in heaven.  Greentea Peng was the perfect foil for this, her melodies are unique and she’s wicked.”

Taken from the upcoming mixtape ‘None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive’ which is released via Island on 10th July.

Mike Skinner and The Streets

Watch: Fionn – Modern Medication

The 21-year-old twins from White Rock, British Columbia have been singing together for as long as they can remember. This release showcases a sound that’s punchy folk-pop and all about the perils of social media’s affects on today’s youth.

“‘Modern Medication’ is a song about growing up with social media, and how it has affected the mentality of our generation. Being raised in Gen Z, we have never truly experienced life without our senses being overwhelmed by constant entertainment and pictures of what other people are doing.”


Watch: Scarlet Pleasure – SOS

“The recent weeks and months of 2020, made us think about marginalised communities and people who are deprived of not having access to the simpler things in life that we all take for granted. We wanted the video for ’SOS’ to take us all to this place of simplicity and happiness”.

First drop of new album ‘Garden’ is set for release on June 19, 2020 on Copenhagen Records.

Scarlet Pleasure

Watch: Maximillian – Beautiful Scars

There was zero doubt in my mind that this Danish talent was going to be huge, and it’s so great to see it come to reality; he’s recently hit 12 millions streams on Spotify with ‘Beautiful Scars’.

“I hung out with the wrong people and did a lot of things I regret. I literally lived my life on the edge at the age of 13 and ‘Beautiful Scars’ is me learning to deal and live with my flaws.”