Watch: Aiden Myers – Help Me

“The song came about during one of the worst nervous breakdowns of my life. We had all the songs done for the EP and I knew I needed to write a song about my mental health and anxiety. I’m very nervous about putting this one out, but I hope to God it can reach people, and hopefully let people know that they are not alone.”

Aiden Myers


Watch: DYLYN – Something to Lose

“There seems to be a theme of an underlining darkness in this song, and most of the new record. I’ve enjoyed bringing out other characters that live within my spirit.  It’s nice to dance along the dark side at times.”


Watch: Moby Rich – Get High

“We’re always searching for the next high in our lives. A way to stave off monotony and feel good. Whether it’s sex, food, drugs, religion or a million other things we can use to fill the void, eventually we come down. But we wanted to write a song in which maybe these characters get to stay on that high forever. We tried to tell that story through the video as well, where these characters journey to a distant planet only to find they have a better time there than on earth.”


Moby Rich

Watch: The Aces – Daydream

“Over the years our band has always been described or referred to as a ‘girl gang’, so we decided to bring that to life in a fun, action packed, classic Hollywood kinda way.”

Alisa Ramirez

The Aces

Watch: Gia Woods – EGO

“I wrote “Ego” about a past relationship. It felt like a never ending cycle of ego trips and with that comes a lot of power struggles and pettiness. When two people have big egos, there’s almost never a solution. You’re just in a constant state of fighting and ignoring the obvious.”

Gia Woods

Watch: Max Pope – Just Friends

Can one be smitten by a song? I am not sure, but this is lovely.

“Not specific to a ‘boy / girl relationship’ story. I wanted the video to be symbolic, rather than a literal translation of the words.”

Max Pope

Watch: Chløë Black – WHO CARES?

“Our society is so incredibly ageist and so often we value women only for their ‘beauty’ which sadly for a long time has been this cartoon, very white European ‘ideal’ that is not founded in reality and causes billions of little girls around the world to hate the things about themselves that don’t align with that. It seemed fitting to me to place this drag-like, vintage Marilyn character in a fantasy world, because it’s a construct that’s just as fake and absurd as magic!”

Chløë Black

Watch: Bryce Vine – Baby Girl

“Not everything needs to be super deep, sometimes it’s about having fun for fun’s sake, and that’s what ‘Baby Girl’ is. It’s about a girl who doesn’t need the party lifestyle, but right now that’s what she wants.”

Bryce Vine