Ludic – Instabeat

Vancouver group Ludic are back today with another refreshing slice of eccentric (yet thought-provoking) alt-pop. Playful new single ‘Instabeat’ touches on the band’s personal feelings and experiences with success, and how it’s pursuit can consume us.

On the song, the acclaimed trio consider whether we really need attention to validate our efforts – and does that notion of success even matter?

“I think we wanted listeners to question their own ideas around success and what it means to them personally. That maybe we focus on statistics a bit too much where there is more meaning in other things.” – Max Cunningham, Ludic


New Music: Ludic

Vancouver outfit Ludic have come up with one of the most charming releases of the week, thanks to a genius production that serves us sleek alt-pop with a quirky and offbeat twist.

‘Judge Me’ was written about feeling lonely in a relationship and feeling like you can’t do anything right; when your constant efforts to try and change are not working and instead are met with more criticism by your partner.

“The song tackles what it’s like to recognise harmful patterns in a romantic relationship, and the determination to mend all that is wrong because you are committed to your love for that person.” – Max Cunningham, Ludic