MALU – Comfort Zone

No matter how safe you feel in life, you can be sure that the world will find ways to turn things upside down and remind you that our time on this earth is ultimately just a long and unpredictable ride.

Danish-Corsican artist MALU’s soulful new single ‘Comfort Zone’ addresses the natural feelings of discomfort that arise when we are uncertain about the future, but also encourages us to embrace those moments, as they allow us to grow.

”Life is unpredictable. It’s full of surprises, people, experiences and moments that you never saw coming. The uncertainty about what’s to come can be frightening or even make you anxious and to some it helps to know what tomorrow or next week brings or even just what is going to happen in the movie you’re watching on Netflix. I’ve lived like that for years – safe and in control – but looking back, I never gave myself a chance to grow or develop, always living in my comfort zone.”

MALU is a talent who is already on the rise, having amassed more than a million career streams from the release of only a handful of singles. The artist headlines Vesterbro’s iconic VEGA venue later this year.


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