Matilda Cole – Camden

Brighton-based indie pop newcomer Matilda Cole returns today with her stunning new release ‘Camden‘.

A melancholy slow-burner with arresting lyricism, the song is yet another example showcasing this talent’s incredible songwriting skill.

“‘Camden’ is really just a song about my parents splitting up. A lot changed for me in a year, and watching their relationship deteriorate followed by selling the family home was harder for me to handle than I thought it would be. ‘Camden’ really sets the tone for the EP, which is a collection of songs about the reality of growing up.”

Matilda Cole

New Music: Matilda Cole

Matilda Cole crafts a kind of indie-pop that is so refreshingly honest and genuine at it’s core. ‘Afternoon Haze’ shines a light on a condition she’s been dealing with called dissociation, and how she deals with pushing herself to be present in the moment.

“’Afternoon Haze’ was written about a condition I’ve suffered with called disassociation, which is a disorder that causes extreme ‘spacing out’ or disconnect from your body and the world around you. The song is about dealing with that around other people, trying to feel present in situations you’re supposed to be having fun but being unable to connect to those experiences in the same way as your friends.”

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Milk Teeth’ which is out on 4th June 2021.

Matilda Cole