Matt Ryder – Before I Go

Consistently creating some of the most future-forward yet beautiful sounds to emerge from the UK of late, Matt Ryder returns with another stunning release in the form of new single ‘Before I Go’.

Releasing songs through his own label EC30, this multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer warps and weaves genre elements together into his own musical fabric, with the result being a very unique brand of atmospheric electronica.

Matt Ryder

Matt Ryder – A New Way Home

To date there has not been a single release by 17-year old Birmingham-based talent Matt Ryder that hasn’t completely blown me away.

Even with that said, ‘A New Way Home’ is on a whole other level of beauty. It’s is a sparse yet dark, haunting and intense piece of music that proves once again how exceptionally talented this kid is.

“I think the track really resonated with me, although being released in 2017 I think over the past year the song bought me refuge and safety in a world that lacked that for me. Lockdown isolated me from friends and extended family, I really felt lost. This song made me feel like it was normal, that’s why I decided to cover it as it played such a huge part in my lockdown and the past year.”

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Orbit’ which is out this Spring.

Matt Ryder

Matt Ryder – Soundless Motion

“A lot of my friends were beginning to feel the full effect of drugs creeping into their life and they could no longer cope without it. Everyone was turning away from innocence and childhood freedom to surrender to mature and toxic thoughts.”

Matt Ryder

Matt Ryder – Not The Same

“I felt like I was constantly overthinking everything I was doing and saying, even the thoughts I had I would overthink.”

Matt Ryder

New Music: Matt Ryder

A 16-year old talent from Birmingham who somehow has managed to create one of the most polished and stylish tracks you’ll hear this week.

Matt Ryder