Mcclendon – Loving For A Season

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Mcclendon returns today with an atmospheric new single that continues with his theme of ‘apocalyptic indie rock’.

In equal measures, ‘Loving For A Season’ is both nostalgic and future-forward. Lyrically inspired by the inevitable end of a relationship, the song feels emotive, sincere and melancholic in tone.

Interestingly, the track took only 90 minutes to write and record between Mcclendon and his collaborator Tommy Champion. Fans can look forward to a new 9-track album, entitled ‘The Garden’, which is scheduled for release soon.


New Music: Mcclendon

American talent Mcclendon crafts a gorgeous and thoughtful blend of folk, indie and alt-rock into songs that are deeply emotive and relatable. This young artist creates his work by honing in on observing and questioning himself, and the surrounding world.

‘What I’ve become’ is all about evaluating one’s failures, relationships, hurdles, and changes; both good and bad, that come with metamorphosing towards your true self.

“I’ve woken up countless times thinking, ‘How did I get here?’ Just that realisation of being a long way off who you were – and who you wanted to become – when you began.” – Mcclendon

Taken from the sophomore project, ‘Mcclendon’ which is out now.