Meg Smith – Cross My Heart I Hope U Die

Meg Smith

Meg Smith – Who Not to Love

It’s so satisfying to feature a new artist who consistently creates great pop with each release. This new one from Meg Smith shows a soft sense of vulnerability and bad love.

“Everyday was a competition. Had to prove you were the better musician.” I wrote this lyric three years ago, right after my very first heartbreak. I was 18 and felt so lost and confused. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally got the courage to write this song. As it turns out, that first heartbreak taught me a very important lesson: who not to love.”

Meg Smith

New Music: Meg Smith

“Over the past year, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the “cool girl” narrative; the idea that girls should hide their true feelings in fear of seeming clingy or dramatic. I wrote this song to express the joy, pain and confusion I felt while pushing down how I really felt about someone. All I wanted was to be cool, when, in reality, I felt anything but.”

meg smith