merci, mercy – Sick To My Stomach

Photo / Maybelle Thieu

Sydney-based talent merci, mercy returns with a gorgeously effervescent and honest pop gem.

Beyond the shiny exterior of new single ‘Sick To My Stomach’ hides some serious subject matter, detailing the artist’s on-going struggle with addiction – namely to alcohol and cigarettes. 

“‘Sick To My Stomach’ is about my addiction with alcohol and cigarettes and how it may seem like old news to some people because it’s what I always sing about. Right now in my life I am not struggling with heartbreak for another, but for myself. When I wrote this song I felt like anyone I told about my addiction would question it because it wasn’t life threatening in their eyes. This song will take you on a journey of me and my self-worth. It is really showing you that I have come to a realisation where I begin to understand what is truly going on with myself and that it really is an issue people should start worrying about.”

merci, mercy

merci, mercy – Fall Apart

“‘Fall Apart’ references the cynical version of myself, where I question the point in starting something with someone when I know it’s just going to end. In my mind I think I’m going to get hurt, so will it be worth it? It’s an apology and explanation to any future relationship that could be harmed by my cynical mind.”

merci, mercy

New Music: merci, mercy

Fragile lyrics with a punchy delivery. I can’t tell you how much in love I am with this track from 19-year old Sydney based talent merci, mercy.

merci, mercy