Mia Baron – Constant Contact

Emerging Canadian starlet Mia Baron continues to showcase her immense talent with the release of new single, ‘Constant Contact’.

Once again, this rising 14-year old singer and songwriter proves that her wisdom is well ahead of her age, as she addresses the feelings of isolation that we can experience when going through tough times in life.

Baron has already achieved over 100k streams to date on Spotify alone, thanks to her catalogue of well-constructed pop songs that all feature emotive melodies, stunning vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Mia Baron

Mia Baron – Hypochondriac

Canadian singer-songwriter Mia Baron may still only be 14-years of age, but this rising starlet is already proving herself to be one of the nation’s most exciting emerging prospects.

Relatable new single ‘Hypochondriac’ is all about the fear that something bad will happen every time you get hurt, and observes our natural instinct to overreact and assume the worst.

Mia Baron

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Mia Baron – Caught

Canadian teen wonder-kid Mia Baron returns today with one of the most memorable slices of pop you’re likely to experience all week. Featuring those phenomenal vocals, the 13-year old Toronto-based singer-songwriterĀ continues to impress with her releases.

New single ‘Caught’ was born out of feelings of frustration and anger at how others seemed to get away with the way they were treating her, all the while she would get into trouble for the smallest things.

Mia Baron

Mia Baron – Runaway

A beautifully melancholic slice of pop from Canadian artist Mia Baron. The 13-year old Toronto-based emerging singer-songwriter has spent the past year working on and releasing original music which has so far not failed to impress.

‘Runaway’ was triggered by the anxiety of the pandemic. Yearning to escape all of the craziness that was happening around her, the song encapsulates the desire to disappear in the hopes of getting rid of stress and bad energy.

Mia Baron

New Music: Mia Baron

Extraordinarily, the song you are listening to is being performed by a talent who is still only 13-years old.

Canadian singer and songwriter Mia Baron’s voice shows signs of a fearless and focused starlet in the making.

‘Hide and Seek’ serves as her debut single, and is a moody pop song that tells the story of feeling unseen and invisible.

Mia Baron