Mia Nicolai – People Pleaser

“This song is about the journey towards finding yourself. It can be very difficult to be true to your inner values when all you do is please the people around you instead of your inner needs. I’ve always come across as a strong-minded person. But in reality, I’m capable of helping everyone BUT myself. At some point, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that I couldn’t even breathe properly”

Mia Nicolai

Mia Nicolai – Mutual Needs

A new release from Mia Nicolai that feels sassy and punchy (literally), all the while being sweet and touching at the same time.

Mia Nicolai

New Music: Mia Nicolai

Here’s a really exciting pop talent who’s sound appears delicate and subtle at first, but if you listen carefully you’ll experience subtle elements of a darker and more industrial edge to the production.

It’s an experience that is full juxtapositions which means you’ll have to play this song more than once to really experience the richness of the track.

Mia Nicolai