Miso Extra – Deep Fried

London-based mixed heritage artist Miso Extra returns with a deliciously blended fusion of playful pop and rap on new single ‘Deep Fried’. The track once again affirms this talent as one of the most exciting newcomers to emerge from the UK so far this year.

“Food for me is a love language (be it the preparation, serving, or the eating of it) and ‘Deep Fried’ pays homage to that. The track celebrates the sudden overwhelming feeling of being drawn to someone, and I’ve likened the sensuality of this experience to eating deep fried food. Whilst mostly being in a fantastical dream-like state, the song’s English rap acts as a break from this; it is like a Freudian slip of me revealing my subconscious feelings.”

Taken from the forthcoming ‘Great Taste’ EP,  which is out early next year on Beatnik Creative.

Miso Extra

New Music: Miso Extra

Hailing from London, Miso Extra is a dual heritage producer who also sings and raps in Japanese and English.

Self-branded as ‘umami for the ears’, this artist’s music explores themes surrounding femininity, female empowerment and being of mixed heritage.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Great Taste’ which is out later this year.

Miso Extra