Disco Circus

mighty mouse

How about some Thursday disco? It’s the new mix from Mighty Mouse featuring Lindstrom, Du Tonc, Classixx, Ost & Kjex, Jacques Renault, RAC, Drop Out Orchestra, Mungolian Jetset, Xinobi, Surahn, Mirror People, Aril Brikha and Monarchy. The full mix is available over on iTunes.

Love for sale

This is a cool slice of electro pop courtesy of Mickey and Monarchy. I’m still not much of a fan of Monarchy but credit given when due and all…

‘White Knuckle Ride’ Remixes by Penguin Prison and Monarchy

Culture Pop are hosting the Monarchy and Penguin Prison remixes of Jamiroquai’s new single, ‘White Knuckle Ride’. My chosen one has to be Penguin Prison- nothing that dude does fucks up!

Monarchy are dicks

So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned Monarchy on my blog… I had a clip from one of their gigs on my Youtube and they sent the website one of those legal notices threatening me and taking it off. It even mentioned who was behind it- the guy with the curly pubey hair.

I wasn’t making any money off those videos, only to share with the world their music but whatever. First they cancel their own gig without refunds, and now this. I now look forward to receiving an email from WordPress telling me off for posting their picture on this post no doubt. So thanks Monarchy for making a fan feel like a criminal. Maybe sell some records before you get all high up on your internet threats yea?

New Music: Monarchy

If you are clued up on your new music, you’ll know that Monarchy have caused havoc on the blogs for months now- but seeing as this blog is still a little baby, I forget to mention some bands from the past who will no doubt be big in the future.

Monarchy launched their sound with a mysterious image around them- no one knew who they were or what they were doing. Their songs were out of this world, and eventually, they were revealed to be a repackaged version of Milke. They cancelled their first proper gig ages ago and since then I’ve been a bit frowny with Monarchy, just because I got so excited when I found out about them and it seemed like they were just… being a bit strange.

But I’m over it now, and I’m totally loving their debut video (which is actually an old Milke track). I always felt that Milke never had the break they deserved, and rebranding as Monarchy seems to have done the trick, with them now getting a big record deal. Check out here.