New Music: Monday Was Special

Track of the week. Hailing from West London, soul and R&B artist Monday Was Special is a phenomenal new talent who has released one of the strongest debuts so far this year.

Telling the story of a young black couple as they grapple with unplanned parenthood, ‘Bespoke’ and its accompanying visuals are both emotional masterpieces.

“The video explores the themes of birth, death and separation through references to ancient mythology. It’s split into three acts, with each linking to different Greek and Roman Goddesses. Act 1 features Urania (associated with universal love and the Holy Spirit), Act 2 features Hera and Juno (Goddesses of women, marriage, family and childbirth) and Act 3 features Artemis and Diana (Goddesses of childbirth and midwifery). The track is dedicated to my late mother, another strong woman and the most influential figure in my life.”

Monday Was Special

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