Myles Cameron – Come Around

He’s made us what a while, but acclaimed US singer and songwriter Myles Cameron is finally back with a new single.

Through its heady fusion of hazy indie and dreamy pop, ‘Come Around’ reminds you of the summer months ahead.

Beautifully melodic and vocally captivating, the song continues to showcase Cameron’s finessed style of music-making.

Cameron’s catalogue of works have impressively amassed well over 20 million streams to date.

Myles Cameron

Myles Cameron – Summer ’19

After an 18-month musical hiatus, Myles Cameron finally returns with a nostalgia-drenched, feel-good single in the shape of ‘Summer ’19’.

“The instrumental leans very indie, but Moise and I are both black artists. Historically there isn’t a whole lot of representation of people who look like us in that space, so the whole song became sort of this rumination on that juxtaposition. The hook, song structure, and certain lines of Moise’s verse could have come straight out of some rap shit. We were both kind of like, okay this is an indie jam, but how do we make it unapologetically blacked out.”

Since his debut, Myles has achieved recognition from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, VICE, Hypebeast, and Ones To Watch.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Black Boys Look Blue’.

Myles Cameron