Natty Wylah – Cinders

A deeply conceptual and intense piece of hip hop, with thought-provoking wordplay and luxuriously dark orchestral arrangements.

“‘Cinders’ speaks of insanity: the story of navigating pressures and offers those who oppose ‘nothing but this fire and smoke.”

Natty Wylah

New Music: Natty Wylah

Doses of melancholy are intertwined with subtle hip hop beats from this North-London talent. It’s a powerful sound that delivers intensity in a very thoughtful way.

“4 Siblings is a homage, and a letter of reassurance to family. It’s for siblings where the conditions weren’t ready for them to come into this world. It’s for siblings that are not blood related, but are connected through the electromagnetic forces of spirit. It’s a song that moves on. It encompasses a blueness but also an acceptance, and finally a message of gratitude, love and comfort in that no matter what happens, it’s alright.”

Natty Wylah