Neon Dreams – Little Dance

Photo / Matt Barnes

Halifax alt-pop duo Neon Dreams return today with their new release ‘Little Dance’. Meditative, joyful and celebratory in tone, the song embodies everyone’s unique dance under the sun.

The track was inspired by vocalist Frank Kadillac’s shark diving experience in South Africa following the band’s recent tour there:

“After finishing our first tour of South Africa we decided to go shark diving. I had a phobia of drowning but felt it was time to face my fears.I jumped in the water and opened my eyes. There was a shark staring right at my face, my heart was pumping so I panicked. As I was collecting my breath I started hearing this melody my head that kept getting louder… I left the Ocean to grab my phone and record the melody which eventually become the chorus of ‘Little Dance’.

Days before while attending a meditation retreat, I was walking through the garden observing how life works through the birds and little annoying flies when I had a perspective shift. Those little annoying flies were not annoying, they were dancing. They were finding purpose. They were falling in love. they don’t live long. But they do their best to enjoy each moment from sun up to sundown. One of the observations I wrote down in my book was… everyone is doing their own dance through life and if you see someone dancing in your direction you have the choice to dance with them or let them pass by and continue your dance… It’s just a little dance under the sun. We completed the the song with the help of a local Cape Town musician named Majozi and an amazing producer from Potchefstroom named Dolfe. I played then my voice note from the shark trip and it was like we were all hypnotised into a transcendental state. We started 9 am and worked all the way until midnight. This moment is the reason why I’m still in South Africa… not because of the tour but because of the magic in this place.” – Frank Kadillac, Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams – Say It Loud (feat. Mthandazo Gatya)

Inspired by their South African tour earlier this year, ‘Say It Loud’ is the new single from Canadian duo Neon Dreams. As the band spent time bonding with fans and helping the community, their single ‘Life Without Fantasies’ was soaring on South Africa’s viral chart.

It eventually peaked at No. 2, but couldn’t get past Senzeni’ by South African star Mthandazo Gatya. And after hearing Gatya’s music, the band knew he would be a perfect addition to ‘Say It Out Loud’.

Neon Dreams | Mthandazo Gatya

Neon Dreams are Goodwill Ambassadors for The Justice Desk – a non-profit organisation that strives to teach youth about human rights at a young age and help them to defend those rights throughout their lives.

Neon Dreams – House Party

One of Canada’s finest up and coming alternative pop outfits, Neon Dreams return today with a song that takes a philosophical look at that time in your life, when you’re still a teen and start to learn more about who you are from socialising with your peers.

When I was a teenager, experiencing party culture for the first time, I wouldn’t really say anything and would just sit with my thoughts. But at house parties I’d meet these weird people like me, and we’d have these great conversations. I remember having this conversation with a girl about life, and we started joking about hangovers and how much we hate them. She said, ‘hangovers are just borrowing from the happiness of tomorrow, and that’s why the next day always sucks.’

The song’s about wanting to feel accepted and yearning to be like the carefree people at the party. The person smiling over there—I never smile, I lost my smile—and I want to get back to that place. When I was a teenager I realised I needed to learn how to get myself to the place I wanted to be, because I felt way too insecure for what I wanted to become.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘The Happiness of Tomorrow’ which is out later in the month.

Neon Dreams

New Music: Neon Dreams

 “These fantasies were sparked from years of being picked on and desperately wanting to fit in. When I realized the effect that suppressed memories had on me, I started confronting everything I went through until I realized what I really want.. I realized fantasies about money, girls and luxury are fun to think about but in reality those things don’t make you happy. All I want is some happiness and a little bit of pain to know what’s real.”

Neon Dreams