Olivia Reid – Wounds (Healing)

Photo / Josh Campbell

Acclaimed musician Olivia Reid is back today with a thoughtful new single that is sure to strike a chord with many listeners.

‘Wounds (Healing)’ offers us a frank insight into Reid’s struggles with anxiety. The song is powerfully moving, and looks at the contradicting feelings of wanting to rid your mind of negativity, while also wondering whether you’d lose a part of yourself in the process of doing so.

“I recognised how much I had to heal from, but simultaneously feared that truly healing it would leave an absence or a blankness in me. When I’m in fight or flight mode long enough, wounds in the form of anxiety or sadness can mistakenly feel like a crucial part of who I am. The wounds feel familiar, so starting the healing process made me feel so much weaker at first.” 

Reid’s music continues to captivate audiences across the world. To date, this artist has garnered more than fifty million streams and has seen her work celebrated by tastemakers as prominent as Wonderland, Flaunt, Ones to Watch and Brooklyn Vegan. Alongside her music, Reid is also involved with the EarthPercent charity – of which more details can be found here.

Olivia Reid

Olivia Reid – Runner’s High

Photo / Josh Campbell

NY-based artist Olivia Reid unveils a stunning new single today, entitled ‘Runner’s High’.

Through its beautifully airy and elevated fusion of indie, electronica and pop, the introspective track tells of Reid’s ambitious nature and hunger for success.

“‘Runner’s High’ describes the way I’ve conditioned myself to be a workhorse. A product of growing up in America, I guess.”

‘Runner’s High’ marks a new step in Reid’s creative journey, and follows on from her 2021 debut EP, ‘Earth Water‘ (available here).

In recent years, Reid’s solo and collaborative work has grown in popularity, with the artist currently amassing more than 28 million streams on Spotify alone.

Olivia Reid