Olivia Reid – Central Park West

Photo / Eden Mili

American singer-songwriter Olivia Reid has become a regular fixture on these pages, and for good reason.

In our opinion, this rising talent is behind some of the most beautiful indie releases to have come out of New York this year – and today’s unveiling of ‘Central Park West’ further proves this.

Written as a dedication to her late aunt and uncle (who lived in the area), the song presents listeners with a sparse yet thoughtfully constructed production that allows for Reid’s incredibly emotive vocals and heartfelt lyricism to shine through.

“This a song for anyone mourning the loss of someone or something, where the mix of joyful memories coexist with grief. They both battled heaviness, in health and hardship, and it’s been hard to let them go. But this song is my lasting memory of them, standing by the pond in Central Park, warm and smiling, always.”

Fans can catch Olivia playing Chicago’s Golden Dagger on the 11th June – tickets can be found here.

Olivia Reid