Owen Hamlin –  And It Was Gone

A master of many talents, Owen Hamlin is an experienced singer, songwriter, producer, mixer and engineer.

His vast skillset allows him to create music in the exact way that he intends for it to be heard, so that any listener can feel an instant connection to his work. He unveils his latest single today, called ‘And It Was Gone’.

The track applies Hamlin’s introspective lyricism over a melodic fusion of pop and hazy rock, resulting in a sound that feels sincere and melancholic in tone.

‘And It Was Gone’ serves as a follow-up to Hamlin’s previous release, ‘Swimming In Your Sea’ (listen here). An upcoming album is due for release soon.

Owen Hamlin

Owen Hamlin – Lucid Dream

LA-based talent Owen Hamlin returns with a beautifully moving blend of indie and acoustic pop.

‘Lucid Dream’ is a kind of song that truly takes you to another place. This is a melodic piece of music, featuring Hamlin’s expressive and distinctive vocals delivering captivating lyricism over a gorgeously constructed sound.

Owen Hamlin

New Music: Owen Hamlin

Presenting garage rock at it’s finest, LA-based indie artist Owen Hamlin not only writes his lyrics and melodies but also produces, mixes and engineers songs that are boldly raw and true to his own ideas.

“I Don’t Like New Things, Old Things Are Better, Time Breaks Down Most Things, Few And Far Things Ever Find Away To Last”

Owen Hamlin