Festive Sequence 2012

brilliantine festive 2012

Most of you will be finishing work by now for Christmas. This is a mixtape from Brilliantine and contains two holiday and two non-holiday tracks by Pelifics, Kid Who (a remix of Montauk), A Digital Needle and Mirabel. It’s as disco as it can get for Christmas!

Monday blues

It’s been one of those Mondays that make you wonder where you’re going in life… Anyway, this came to me in an email and it’s nice to listen to. Its the remix package for Pelifics’ “Wish It Could Last” featuring Electric Youth. There are remixes from Marius Vareid, Octo Octa, Poindexter and Sweet Track.

Pelifics – Lifetime EP Vol. 2

The Oslo producer’s newest EP, “Lifetime Vol.2”, features JD Samson of MEN and formerly of Le Tigre,  Italy via Berlin hotpot Miss Plug Inn and Montreal duo AXXE.