One of Australia’s most promising emerging outfits this year has been all-female indie trio PEPTALK.

Anthemic new single ‘Hey!’ marks the group’s third release to date, and treats listeners to an infectious blend of indie-pop and rock – further showcasing this band’s massive potential for global music domination.

“‘Hey!’ is all about not wanting to mess up a good thing. As we were writing it we drew from not only romantic relationships but our friendship with each other. Ultimately the lyrics are all about faking it til you make it. It really came together once we finished the chorus, as we listened back we left the mic on and it captured us screaming the song together in the studio. It really captured the energy of the song and its message of enjoying the good thing while it’s happening.”

Consisting of accomplished songwriters Jay-Lee Kwan, Lara Frew and Phoebe Sinclair, PEPTALK have had an impressive debut year, garnering widespread praise from tastemakers all across the globe.


New Music: PEPTALK

Consisting of three close friends, Australian trio PEPTALK create songs that carry a sense of comfort and confidence which only time and genuine friendship can bring.

As songwriters, these phenomenally talented artists have written for acclaimed performers and producers across the world, and today marks their introduction as a pop outfit in their own right.

β€œ’White Sneakers’ is about being completely infatuated with someone. When we were writing the track, Phoebe [Sinclair – vocals/ production] mentioned a real-life experience where she was complimented on her fresh sneakers and they instantly became her most prized possession. We could all relate to that feeling of wanting to impress someone and holding onto compliments a little too hard.”


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