Swedish pop gets serious and randy

Peter Jöback is a bit of a star in Sweden. I guess he’s the Swedish Darren Hayes or something. I’ve known of him for a few years now and while he isn’t my cup of tea I do like this song, and the video is a bit over the top which is always a good thing for me.

When Swedes do soul…

… they really go for it. Courtesy of Swedish Stereo, this is a video for a band called Ansiktet. And to the regular, non Swedish music fan it’ll just look like a standard video. But it isn’t a standard video. It’s got Salem Al Fakir, Peter Jöback, Christian Waltz, Christian Olsson (Fibes Oh Fibes), Musse Hasselvall, Mange Schmidt, Thomas Rusiak, Eric Gadd and Magnus Carlson guesting. These are very huge stars in Sweden. The song’s a bit standard but I won’t lie to you, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen today.