New Music: Vargas & Lagola


Swedish alt-pop.

Vargas & Lagola

Stay gold

Swedish producers Staygold have come up with the quirkiest piece of music you’re likely to hear all week. It’s a little bit addictive though- don’t you think?

Take it to the top of the world

This is one of those songs that makes you think you can take on the world and come out winning. Whether you end up succeeding is another matter, but this is done with two Swedish pop superpowers and is worth having on your iTunes.

Free Download: Ansiktet ‘X (Cocotaxi Remix)’

If you don’t know much about Ansiktet then visit my post about them here. This is a ska remix of a Swedish soul track. I know it’s a random thing to blog about, but it’s a really good sound, so download it!

When Swedes do soul…

… they really go for it. Courtesy of Swedish Stereo, this is a video for a band called Ansiktet. And to the regular, non Swedish music fan it’ll just look like a standard video. But it isn’t a standard video. It’s got Salem Al Fakir, Peter Jöback, Christian Waltz, Christian Olsson (Fibes Oh Fibes), Musse Hasselvall, Mange Schmidt, Thomas Rusiak, Eric Gadd and Magnus Carlson guesting. These are very huge stars in Sweden. The song’s a bit standard but I won’t lie to you, it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen today.

New Music: Salem Al Fakir

It’s so rare to see people from Syria (my own home) get famous in the western world (for the good reasons!). Enter Salem Al Fakir, who’s a bit of a pop star in Sweden. I didn’t know about him til I saw a clip of him performing ‘Keep On Walking’ which is absolute perfection in my eyes. He’s already released 3 albums since 2007 in Sweden, so it’s only a matter of time before the rest of Europe clocks on! Check out here.