Peter Katz – KMOTM

A dark, emotive and intense pop release from Canadian talent Peter Katz. A song that describes feelings of loneliness and self conflict, and looking for physical connections as a fix.

Peter Katz

New Music: Peter Katz

A Canadian singer/songwriter who’s crafted a new record after miraculously suffering from an accidental drop off a cliff; and experience that inspired him to take a new approach to music. And the result is quite wonderful to enjoy.

“I feel like my music in the past, in a way, was so demanding of you to, ‘just wait for the cello to come in’ as opposed to ‘you can just feel this.’ There’s so much that I’ve put into the lyrics, and I’m so proud of every single word on the record, but this time you can just have an experience with it musically. And that’s exciting to me, that I can make something where, hopefully, the experience of it is not just about me.”

Peter Katz