Ray BLK wins the BBC Sound of 2017 poll!


ray blk.jpg

So this is the name that the British music industry reckons will take 2017 by storm…

In all honesty, even though I do I like Ray BLK I wasn’t expecting this much impact – it’s still a good choice nonetheless!

The runners up of the year, who probably will be just as prominent over the coming twelve months, are:

2016’s Random List

What a year, eh. I was almost tempted to not write up a random list for 2016 on the count of me wanting it to end as soon as possible. But alas, in a year of many disasters, there were a few nice things to come up which made everything OK for a little while. It’s a condensed list this year, so here’s looking to an awesome 2017. Anyway…

The guy who made a song two years ahead of it’s time


This song by UK talent Ragz Originale is basically a view of the future for me. It bounces between dark samples while keeping a gritty rawness. All the while still sounding slick. I see this sound taking off majorly in 2018.

The song most likely to turn you into an emotional wreck


I am not a huge fan of covers, however, when I stumbled across this Kanye West rework by Daniel Caesar I was an emotional mess. Stunning, beautiful, flawless… Everything that reminds you that the world can still be a beautiful place.

The boyband that got it right


Ireland. Home of the type of boyband that you love, and love to hate. Until this year. HARE SQUEAD are a bunch of kids crafting a sound that is on-point.

Most epic Scandi pop

smith thell

Smith & Thell have been on my radar for a really long time. This Swedish duo haven’t been afraid to change musical directions, and with the release of ‘Row’ this year I can’t think of any other Scandi act that has managed to come up with a song as intense and catchy as this one.

Most listened to song on my iTunes

dua lipa

I’ve surprised myself with this one. And I’ll be honest, I did consider leaving this category out for 2016, but f*ck it. For the second year, Dua Lipa is behind my most listened to song on my iTunes. This time it’s with ‘Hotter Than Hell’ – a pop banger through and through. It’s not edgy, nor does it push any boundaries. But it’s everything you want from a big pop sound, and that’s all I need to hear a song on loop.

Most likely to be huge in 2017

Rag’n’Bone Man

It’s been a while coming but I am finally excited to see that Rag’n’Bone Man is certain to be the biggest new act to hit the mainstream in 2017. Well deserved too.

BBC Sound of 2017 Longlist revealed!

BBC Sound of 2017 Logo.jpg
bbc sound of 2017 longlist.jpg

The time is upon us! The Holy Grail of music predictors is back and this year the BBC Sound of 2017 has a mostly urban feel around the acts.

On a personal note, there’s a few acts missing from this year which I was really hoping would be featured but nonetheless, it’s an interesting mix:

I haven’t guessed as many as acts as I usually do with this poll this year (2016 seems to be the unpredictable year in more ways than one) – so it’s hard for me to figure exactly who will win this year at the moment.

Purely based on the immense quality of his work over the years I’d like Rag ‘n’ Bone Man  to win.

Tom Grennan, Raye and Jorja Smith also deserve some love. Yet on a mainstream level, Maggie Rogers and Anderson Paak tick some boxes. Who knows though… Who knows..!

The shortlist works it’s way towards the end of the year.