Rochelle Jordan – ALREADY

Rochelle Jordan’s unique approach to RnB and dance continues to impress, with the release of ‘ALREADY’ once again showcasing this LA-based artist’s skill for taking classic sounds and turning them into epic anthems.

“’ALREADY’ represents that crucial and courageous moment you decide to end a toxic relationship or situation. This song is the moment it becomes so clear to you and you feel this sense of freedom because you know it’s actually over in your mind and heart. It takes a lot to get to this point because it’s scary to separate from what can seem strangely comfortable even if it’s literally killing your spirit.”

Taken from the new album ‘Play With The Changes’ which is out now via Young Art Records.

Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan – All Along

This really is Rochelle Jordan’s year! After the massive banger of a track ‘Got Em‘ came out a few weeks ago, she’s now back with another huge release that blends RnB with a distinctive 90’s-inspired new jack swing sound.

“As the song started to close in, I began to get this overwhelming feeling that I was actually speaking to myself. This song felt better to me once I started hearing it as the importance of recognising your own self as your greatest lover. It’s so easy for us to get caught up searching for someone else to fill our voids, instead of working on us in order to make ourselves whole.”

Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan – Got Em

More than anything, this release from Rochelle Jordan elicits memories of those days in your late teens when you’d just go to a makeshift rave somewhere in middle of East London and lose yourself to the early hours.

A perfected blend of electronica and RnB, underlined with subtle hints of UK garage.

“‘GOT EM’ is my song of Affirmation. I wrote it in 2017, a time where I had an intense epiphany about life. I started to become much more spiritually aware than I have ever been before. All the repetition in this song is my way of being able to meditate on these words of encouragement and confidence, affirm and push through. Talking my shit in the first verse, to speaking and encouraging whoever is listening in the second, I just wanted this song to seep into the veins of whoever needs to be lifted.”

Rochelle Jordan