Rum Jungle – Make It Ez

Australian outfit Rum Jungle are back with a hazy slice of sonic bliss for us all to obsess over.

‘Make It EZ’ is lifted from the band’s freshly released ‘Hold Me In The Water’ EP (out now) and delights listeners with a melodic fusion of dreamy pop and indie.

Rum Jungle are preparing to boost their global presence in 2024, with upcoming shows planned in the UK (including a slot at iconic festival The Great Escape), as well as more releases. We’ve said it before, but we really believe that these lads could be one of Australia’s biggest indie groups.

Rum Jungle

Rum Jungle – All The Way Round and Back

It’s safe to say that Australian group Rum Jungle have had a stellar year. With millions of streams under their belt and more than 200k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this four-piece are well on their way to becoming global stars.

They return today with a powerful new indie-rock anthem called ‘All The Way Round and Back’, which is lyrically inspired by the people in our lives who are cluelessly selfish with their actions.

“‘All The Way Round and Back’ is from the perspective of someone who is a bit of a drop-kick. The kind of person that needs help but when given it abuses it and takes without giving back. Sometimes you try to get away from something and you go so far, you end up coming back to it.” – Benny, Rum Jungle

The track is complimented by a B-Side called ‘The Exchange’, which treats listeners with an alternative style of sound that is more stripped-back and chilled, but equally captivating to experience.  Frazer and Josh from the band explain that ‘it’s a story of someone traveling away to find themselves and when they get home realising their relationship can’t go on and coming to terms with that.”

“This release (All The Way Round and Back & The Exchange) is us wanting to tell a cohesive story that I hope people can follow. We have some songs that follow a story but more often than not are about the emotion and the feeling rather than an actual narrative. This one feels like a cohesive one where both tracks match and I think we’ve really upped our arrangements in the music and storytelling in the lyrics. So hopefully some lords can connect with and enjoy both of these ones.” – Benny, Rum Jungle

Rum Jungle

New Music: Rum Jungle

One of the most energising releases of the week comes courtesy of Australian newcomers Rum Jungle.

With an uplifting fusion of surf rock and alt-pop, this outfit float pop melodies on psych guitars and chilled groove beats.

“The track is about making mistakes, understanding it, and picking yourself back up to move on in a positive way. So having it upbeat, and fun felt like the right thing to do.”

Gearing up to a sold-out tour starting next month, alongside early support from the likes of triple j and Spotify AU & NZ, these chaps may well be one of the continent’s next big musical exports.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Everything Is Easy’, out on 31st May 2022

Rum Jungle

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