Sad Night Dynamite – Tramp

Acclaimed UK duo Sad Night Dynamite have unveiled the release of their spectacular new mixtape, entitled ‘Sad Night Dynamite: Volume II’.

Alongside ‘Tramp’, the project also features their latest single ‘Black & White’ (which was just made Tune of the Week on Radio 1) and collaborations alongside the likes of Moonchild Sanelly and IDK.

Sad Night Dynamite: Volume II’ is out now.

Sad Night Dynamite

Sad Night Dynamite – Smoke Hole

Consistently delivering the unexpected (the fact that their style of sound is so indescribably unique is refreshing in itself), Sad Night Dynamite return today with a track that flirts between a Dre Dre-inspired beat and the minimalist atmosphere of UK rap.

“We wanted it to feel as though you’re sort of sinking through your own brain – the further into the song you get, the deeper into your own head you fall, that’s kind of why the song gets weirder and weirder. We wrote it whilst both hypnotised by a zoltar, so beyond that it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Sad Night Dynamite

Sad Night Dynamite – Mountain Jack

One of the UK’s most exciting projects of late, Sad Night Dynamite are back with another beautifully atmospheric blend of dark pop and indie.

“Mountain Jack was written at the top of a really, really high mountain. I think the song is about being stretched in lots of different directions. Although your body might be in a studio, your head is somewhere else. In this case up a mountain.”

Sad Night Dynamite

New Music: Sad Night Dynamite

This duo have crafted a sound that is genuinely unique. It’s a youthful take on the dark and sinister, while still feeling quirky and experimental. More than anything, it’s an audible experience like no other.

“We wrote ‘Icy Violence’ almost a year ago today. It had been a really hot few weeks and we’d been putting the song together for a while by then. There’s a beach theme but also a kidnapping and a darkness around it. The end really reminds us of the area we grew up in – green countryside and Glastonbury. We finished it and remember thinking it was either a mess, or the first song we’d written that made sense. It was the obvious one to start the project.”

Sad Night Dynamite