Sammy Copley – Little Box

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Following on from the successes of previous release ‘To The Bone’, Irish singer-songwriter Sammy Copley returns with a beautifully melodic slice of indie through his new single ‘Little Box’.

The song continues to showcase this rising artist’s ever-evolving body of work, and presents a darker and more intense style of sound.

“‘Little Box’ is a song about trying to get someone to like you, even though you’d probably be better off without them. It’s about making yourself smaller to fit into their narrow expectations of you, and reimagining even their most hurtful behaviour as being an expression of love. By the end, though, it’s more about breaking out of the box than anything else.”

Rapidly becoming one of Ireland’s most hyped newcomers, Copley’s work has so far found its way on platforms as noted as RTÉ and Spotify’s Ireland Viral 50. Copley also plays Dublin’s Academy 2 in September – tickets here.

Sammy Copley

New Music: Sammy Copley

Performing a beautiful ode to a true LGBTQ+ trailblazer, Sammy Copley is a 20-year old Dublin-based singer and songwriter who’s style of folk-inflected ballads are stunningly emotive and soothing.

“‘Marsha,’ named after icon Marsha P. Johnson, is a song that explores the tumultuous mixture of anger and gratitude that comes from honouring the legacy of the trans women of colour that paved the way for LGBTQ+ rights without ever being afforded them themselves. It captures the feeling of bittersweet gratitude for the work and life of Marsha P.”

Sammy Copley