Seph Cove – Helen

Australian artist Seph Cove returns today with a gorgeously moving blend of folk and pop that feels almost ethereal in tone.

Rich in texture and emotion, ‘Helen’ focuses on friendship, and how sometimes it is important to remind the people you care for that they are enough.

“I wrote this song in response to learning about the upsetting half-year a friend of mine had during the lockdown in 2020. It was such an important reminder to have perspective. I wanted to let my friend know they had support and that despite everything, they were a very, very good person.”

Seph Cove

New Music: Seph Cove

Sublime and stunning, Melbourne talent Seph Cove has released an atmospheric debut which elevates folk-pop into something beautifully overwhelming and emotive.

This song represents a time of emotional confusion for me. I wasn’t sure how I felt, and I wasn’t sure how this other person felt, all I knew was that the chemistry was there. Nothing ever came of it, and I guess this song invokes some nostalgia about that time as well. The blissful naivety of a simple crush.

Seph Cove