Shola Ama – Boyfriend

shola ama boyfriend

There’s nothing Shola Ama is doing that is not top-class right now. I really hope she picks up interest from the public again because she deserves it so hard.

First Watch: Toddla T & Shola Ama ‘Alive’

A while back these two got together and made an amazing track. They’ve joined forces again and, once again, they’ve created another stormer of a tune.

A slice of the 90’s coming back…

This is the new video by Doleboy Millionaire ft Fem Fel & Shola Ama. Shola’s voice send me back to the 90’s every time I hear it and it’s a brilliant feeling.

Shola Ama and Toddla T make it good

Shola Ama got so big so fast then tanked just as quick. It was a shame because the girl had talent. This song featuring her vocals has been online for a few months now and yet I just found out about it and I LOVE IT. Massive throwback to the 90’s. Toddla T is just untouchable right now. Radio Edit of ‘Take It Back’ available now at iTunes.