Sleeping Lion – CTFO

Photo / Meg Meyer

If you’re a fan of Jeremy Zucker, Emi Beihold or Charlie Puth then Sleeping Lion will most likely be a welcome addition to your playlists.

Since the release of their debut record ‘Patient Creature’ back in 2016, this LA-based duo (consisting of Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire) having been creating songs that are both catchy and irresistibly charming in character.

New single ‘CTFO’ playfully balances elements of indie, pop and jazz with vivid lyricism, and serves as a taster for the outfit’s upcoming EP, ‘Most Improved’ (out later in the year).

“It’s about that desperate feeling of just wanting it all to stop for a second. It’s is an anthem for anyone who needs someone in their lives (themselves included) to just Chill The F**K Out.”

Sleeping Lion