Sleeping Lion – Hurt Nobody

Photo / Meg Meyer

LA-based pop duo Sleeping Lion are back today with one of the catchiest bops of the week, entitled ‘Hurt Nobody’.

With its infectiously memorable melody, the track tells of the feelings of selfishness that some of us can go through after ending a relationship.

“‘Hurt Nobody’ explores post-breakup selfishness with a vibe that is almost too-energetic and funky. The lyrics over-dramatise that state of emotional carelessness as if it were a crime movie – weaving the bouncy instrumentals with cinematic elements including a fake movie quote, ‘Hollywood’ sound effects, and a honkytonk piano solo that sounds as if it were playing at the dive bar you found yourself in after an evening of bad decisions.”

When they’re not crafting superior slices of pop, Sleeping Lion also host a podcast called ‘Talking Lion’, in which they discuss their music work alongside fellow artists. Sleeping Lion’s latest EP, ‘Different Plans’ is out now.

Sleeping Lion