sona blue – 17

Photo / Cal McIntyre

London-based rising artist sona blue continues to showcase his impressive skills at crafting introspective indie gems with the release new single ’17’.

With it’s self-aware and honest lyricism, the song’s relatable storyline has the potential to resonate with most who have fallen in, and out of love.

“It’s about that part of a relationship where things start to break down. I wrote this about someone I was with for a short time, but our lives quickly went in different directions. I knew it was the beginning of an end, but I still wanted to cling onto it.”

Inspired by the likes of Prince, Frank Ocean and James Blake, sona blue’s work has so far captured the attention of notable tastemakers like Clash Magazine and Variance.

sona blue

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New Music: sona blue

One of the most exciting prospects to emerge from the UK this year will undoubtedly be London-based musician and model sona blue.

Through a beautifully melodic and emotive blend of R&B lo-fi pop, hazy new single ‘hermès’ offers a stunning glimpse into this 21-year old artist’s phenomenal potential.

“hermès is about the initial stages of falling in love, it’s about imagining a future with someone and wanting to be closer to them”.

sona blue

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