Inspired by his struggle with identifying as LGBTQ+, talented Londoner SXMSON is back today with new anthem ‘L2LY’.

Produced and co-written by EMRE, the song sees SXMSON reassure his younger self that life gets better when you learn to love who you are.

“I spent a lot of my childhood learning to hate myself. I think many of us are inherently taught to not like who we are. Years of verbal abuse, social pressures and feeling lonely had a long lasting impact on my self-esteem, which, now as an adult, I am trying to slowly unlearn. Even though I am proud of the person I have become today, I wonder how different things could have been if younger me had the chance to spend [even just] 10 minutes with present me. ‘L2LY’ was written as a daily reminder that however hard life gets, you gotta keep pushing through because life is too short to not know how badass you really are.”


New Music: SXMSON

“Smile’ was written as a reminder that you can never really judge a book by its cover. However happy people around you might appear, inside they can be going through really difficult times and I know how easy it can be to forget that.”