Tafari Anthony – Falling Back

Photo / Joshua Rille

JUNO-nominated Canadian artist Tafari Anthony is back with one of the catchiest songs of the week, entitled ‘Falling Back’.

With its finessed and sleek fusion of alternative R&B and soulful pop, the song presents listeners with a melodic slice of disco bliss.

Alongside the release of the track, Anthony has also unveiled some striking visuals, of which he says:

“I wasn’t even planning to do a video for ‘Falling Back,’ but we decided very last minute that it would be a good idea as the first single back since my JUNO Award nomination.  I had about a week to come up with how we were going to make this happen. It’s interesting when you have to move quickly and resources are scarce, it forces you to think differently. Oftentimes, this ends up creating something super cool that I may not have even thought of if I had more time to think about it. I’ve always been a fan of more minimalistic and abstract art. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time with the director, Derek Janzen, so the concept was going to have to be something that was more implied, and the story told more through performance and a very minimal set. The video had to be completely shot in about four hours, and I flew into Vancouver an hour before we were supposed to start shooting. The idea was to depict this never-ending cycle where no matter what action was taken, it always came back to the same starting point and same ending point.”

Having amassed more than 200k career streams to date on Spotify alone, as well as receiving continued praise from outlets as respected as Exclaim and Atwood Magazine, Anthony has firmly marked himself as one of Canada’s next big prospects.

Tafari Anthony

Tafari Anthony – Replay

Photo / millermatthews

Canadian talent Tafari Anthony returns today with a sublime mix of soulful pop, dark synths and alternative R&B.

Released as part of the 604 Sessions series,’Replay’ is taken from the dual single ‘I’m Sure You Meant Well’ (out now). Speaking on the song, the Juno-nominated artist says:

“At the time of being selected for the Inaugural 604 Sessions I had just released a new project a few months earlier and had also been a few months into dating outside of my long-term partner. It was an exciting and busy time during the pandemic when all of a sudden things seemingly came to halt. I was left with many questions, very few answers and a very familiar feeling. “Replay” now feels like this very vivid snapshot in time where I was longing for that communication and no matter how I tried I was not getting it. It forced me to go inward, and I started creating my own narrative as to what was going through his mind.”

Anthony is already a noted creative in his homeland of Canada. The Juno-nominated artist has received extensive airplay on national outlets like CBC and also garnered praise from acclaimed tastemakers like Billboard and PAPER Magazine.

Tafari Anthony