Tai Verdes – how deep?

Photo / afterlifecastro

You’ll struggle to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy Tai Verdes’ charming style of mellow and playful pop.

New single ‘how deep?’ is taken from the artist’s upcoming ‘HDTV’ album (out 16th September), and looks at the conflicting feelings that love can make us endure.

“‘how deep?’ is a song that I made about not knowing anything. And I hope that when people hear it, they feel lost, but also found, but also lost. Love has a tendency to make you feel like that.”

In the space of only two years, Verdes as amassed over a billion cumulative streams and more than 20 billion social views – officially making him one of the world’s newest superstars.

Tai Verdes

Tai Verdes – 3 outfits

Photo / afterlifecastro

Breakout artist Tai Verdes returns with a catchy bop in the shape of new single ‘3 outfits’. After initially teasing the song on social media back in January, the track immediately went viral and amassed millions of views across TikTok.

“The song ‘3 outfits’ was really the most transparent way to express how I was feeling throughout different times in my relationship. This song is my reflection of that, building to the grander theme of the album which is about the good and the bad parts of connecting with someone.”

Taken from the forthcoming sophomore album ‘HDTV’ – which is due out later this year.

Tai Verdes

Tai Verdes – LAst dAY oN EaRTh

Photo / Austin Cieszko

Breakout TikTok star Tai Verdes returns with his introspective new single ‘LAst dAY oN EaRTh’.

True to form, this melody-driven indie-pop release once again showcases Tai’s effortlessly cool and mellow sound, giving the song a certain sense of timelessness.

“I made this song for the purpose of reflection. I want everyone to listen to this song, you know… really listen to it. To stop, breathe in the air, feel, think about where they are, and realise that this isn’t gonna last forever, and by ‘this’ I mean life. Sometimes, life’s journey can feel long, sometimes it feels short, but we all know it’s going to end. It’s kind of like jumping out of a plane. We’re all in the freefall, and sometimes we just get so caught we don’t realise it. Time for everyone to see the world in HD.”

Tai Verdes