New Music: Home Late

Home Late is a new project that sees American drummer-singer-songwriter Brayden Tabakian collaborating with Japanese-American singer-songwriter-producer Tanisako to create supreme alt-pop songs.

‘Rather Stay Home’ is a deliciously dark yet playful track that is engrossing and intriguing in equal measures.

Home Late

Tanisako – White Skies

Tanisako’s ‘White Skies’ sees a beautifully constructed fusion of genres coming together to form a sound that feels almost timeless in it’s essence. This is a piece of music that feels raw, industrial and intense yet also mysterious and intriguing to listeners.


New Music: Tanisako

Delivering a new approach to alt-pop, 22-year old Japanese-American talent Tanisako is not only a singer and songwriter but also producer.

‘Young & Dangerous’ is an exhilarating piece of music that feels industrial and abrasive, yet still carries a heavy emotive undertone that contracts perfectly.