TARYN – Edgehill

A sublimely dreamy and haunting fusion of alt-R&B and pop from Atlanta-based singer-songwriter TARYN.

New single ‘Edgehill’ continues to showcase this artist’s immense talent through it’s finessed production and captivating lyricism.

“‘Edgehill’ is the feeling that ensues when you realise lust is a more influential emotion than love.”


New Music: TARYN

TARYN is an Atlanta-based singer and songwriter who’s style of music-making is influenced by modern pop and old school soul. This is a sound that wins you over almost immediately, thanks to it’s catchy melodies, distinctive vocals and meaningful lyrics.

“There was a simple message I wanted to convey lyrically and the instrumental did the rest. I’ve carried my past around, let regrets fuel decisions without justification. ‘Brand New’ let me realise our past is not something we have to correct, but helps us understand our growth. We’re here to learn, experience, and explore. It’s a gift to be vulnerable, to feel comfortable expressing experiences in sonically harmonious ways.”