Tayo Sound – Two Left Feet (feat. Oscar Scheller)

Up-and-coming Nigerian Scottish musician Tayo Sound releases brand new banger ‘Two Left Feet’, featuring guest vocals from songwriter and producer Oscar Scheller.

“I actually wrote ‘Two Left Feet’ with Oscar ages ago but had kinda forgotten about it until I heard his latest album. It was a similar vibe to Two Left Feet and I thought ‘I’d really like to make something like this’ until I remembered I already had and with none other than the man himself. The song is about physical belongings from past relationships and how they an be the hardest but most satisfying to get rid of.” – Tayo Sound

Oscar added; “Tayo and I have been working together for a while now and Two Left Feet was always one of my favourite things we made! I was so happy when he asked me to be on it.”

Tayo Sound | Oscar Scheller

Tayo Sound – Someone New

Tayo Sound has yet to release something that I haven’t fallen in love with. I think it’s the blend of indie, funk and pop that does it… Just too damn charming.

“The track is about coming out of a relationship and how you might not actually be ready to find “someone new”, something I think most of us would have experiences at a point in our lives.”

Tayo Sound

Tayo Sound – Heartbreaker

Tayo Sound’s new release is a casual flirtation between the indie and the quirky. And the melody will stay with you all day…

“‘Heartbreaker’ came after a long day in the studio. We thought we were done but then Courage started playing this beat and I knew straight away it was gonna be a really special track. We had to stay and finish it and ‘Heartbreaker’ was born.”

Tayo Sound