Teddi Gold – Pineapple Piñata

Never shy of expressing her individuality through music, avant electro-hyper-pop artist Teddi Gold returns today with a banger of a track that is sure to set you in a good mood.

A song that’s all about liberation, ‘Pineapple Piñata’ encourages us to shake out all the negativity from our bodies, and let go of all the things that hold us back from embracing our authentic selves.

“‘Pineapple Piñata’ is about dancing out all your negative feelings and leaving it on the dance floor. It’s about letting go, finding connection and joy in the simplest ways. We are living in pretty dark times and I find that movement and dance help me with my own anxiety and depression and my hope is that it helps others too.”

New EP ‘Vol. 2‘ is due out on 7th October 2021.

Teddi Gold

Teddi Gold – Confetti

“It’s about valuing relationships with the people you love over the pursuit of external material objects in this American dream rat race. If I got the people I love, then whatever else comes is just confetti.”

Taken from the upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Vol 2.’ which is out later this year.

Teddi Gold