TENNIN + maticulous – Trapped Again (feat. Justo The MC)

For fans of old-school R&B and hip hop, today’s release of ‘TRAPPED AGAIN’ should give you some significant musical bliss.

Created as a homage to the classic 90’s sound, the track features a sleek collaboration between French talent TENNIN, acclaimed New York producer maticulous and rapper Justo The MC.

Understated yet exceptionally cool, the song looks at all the times that we fall in love with the wrong person – and could well be one of our summer anthems of the year.

TENNIN | maticulous | Justo The MC

New Music: TENNIN

Mixed and mastered at the legendary Denmark Studio in London, ‘Tennizer’ is by far one of the most refreshing takes on pop that I have heard so far this year.

Press play and experience TENNIN’s futuristic musical world, with a unique signature between hyperpop and old-school RnB hints.