The Shadowboxers – Ego

Having Justin Timberlake as a mentor has some very positive effects. Take this new cut from The Shadowboxers for instance. There’s the song’s subject, which is about one’s internal struggles within a relationship:

“It’s hard to admit when you’re not the right person for someone. And that’s what ‘Ego’ is about — that side of ourselves that we’re not always proud of, that would rather stick it out in a bad relationship than ‘give up’.”

But there’s also a certain swag to the sound; it’s self-assured and confident, something that only comes as a result of a band that truly understands what they stand for. It’s taken them a decade to get there, but it was well worth the wait.

Taken from the debut LP ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By’ which is out today (and is so damn good- trust me).

The Shadowboxers

New Music: The Shadowboxers

Working alongside Justin Timberlake, these guys aren’t brand new but they’ve only now just hit my radar. It’s a synthy, funky beat; how a collab between Stevie Wonder and Pharrell would end up as…

The Shadowboxers